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I spend alot of time on Youtube. Too much time actually if I am going to be honest. I just love randomly looking at videos of stupid people doing stupid stuff. It is actually quite addicting! But exercises are something which are not stupid for sure, and I have found lots of good ones by searching for how to get rid of face fat. Doing this search has allowed me to find lots of cool facial exercises that I have never tried before.

Most of the exercises only take a few minutes to do, and in total I only spend about fifteen minutes per day doing them. I do feel a little silly when I do them to tell you the truth, but so far they have been working. I even told my mother about them and she admitted to using them as well, but she said it was years ago and they were a bit different then.

When I was a kid, I wanted to lose weight. So what did I do? I joined a gym and lifted weights. I also did alot of swimming and jogging. (Check out this page for a cool program on swimming.) OK I was not necessarily a kid, I was twenty years old. But I can tell you that it worked. I worked very hard and the weight starting coming off. Since then I have been able to keep this weight off and it has not been a problem for me since then.

Here is a cool video on swimming for beginners, and is a great way to lose that extra weight in your face:

However recently things have been changing for me. My face seems to look droopy, the skin in my neck is falling and my cheeks are getting bigger. I guess it is because I’m getting older. When I asked around for ideas on how to get rid of face fats I just got alot of blank stares.

So I started doing face exercises and changed my diet plan and the changes seem to be working thus far. My friends think I am crazy, but when I tell them about the face exercises they are starting to understand why I am doing them.

If you want to take complete care of yourself, then do not ignore the face and only concentrate on the body. The face is the first thing people see when they meet you. Even if you have the best body in the world, if your face is subpar then you just are not looking your best! Everyone knows about body exercises. But do you know there are exercises for your face?

Face exercises are good for those wondering how to lose face fat and how to get rid of a double chin. These exercises work all of the muscles in your face, which actually add up to over 50 muscles altogether! Not many people realize that there are this many muscles in your face. But if you think about it, your face is able to make so many expressions it only makes sense that there are plenty of muscles that allow you to do so