October, 2014

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Healthy Eating With Your Kids!


Allergies.  Obesity.  And Asthma.  Children are at risk for those health problems, and others, if they don’t eat properly.  As a parent, you might feel you’re fighting a losing battle.  TV commercials push fast food, sugary soft drinks, candy and junk food with empty calories–the same food your children’s friends are eating.

Don’t despair.

You CAN teach children healthy eating habits and make it fun.  We’re here to help.

Healthy-EatingHere are tips on how to teach your kids about healthy food.

First, involve them. Ask for their input in menu planning.  What kinds of fruits and vegetables do they like best? Incorporate those into meals and snack time. You can also let children help you cut food coupons from newspapers and magazines.  Steer them away from packaged food with lots of additives and TOWARD low-fat, low-sugar items like a box of oatmeal or rice.

Another way to involve them is to search for recipes in cookbooks and on the Internet.  Ask your children what foods they like best, and try to find recipes that include their favorites.

Shop together.  Drive home the point, again and again, that the best food to make themstrong and healthy is usually located on the outer aisles. Let them help you set the table.  And whenever possible, involve them in cleaning up.

Second, help kids identify healthy foods.  Offer variety.  If they’ve never tasted a mangoor guava, try it and see how they respond.  Offer washed and “ready to pick” fruits andvegetables in the refrigerator–great for a quick snack.  Provide whole-grain cookies,cereals, crackers and bread for fiber.  Fix snacks such as turkey sandwiches, cheese and crackers, yogurt and fruit, and broccoli and dip. Keep reintroducing healthy foods.

Third, “Teach Them Show Them” nutrition books at the library and let them choose which ones to borrow.  Read them together. Talk about nutrition and why it’s important.  Then get crayons and paper, or colored pencils,and color together.  Ask your child to draw a “vegetable person” like Bridget Banana, one of Quality Catering’s Healthy Heroes.  Show your kids you’re excited to learn alongwith them.  Take the kids to our website at QualityCateringforKids and let them meet our 11 other “Healthy Heroes” like Ben Broccoli , Carol Carrot and Owen Orange.

They’re all in the lesson plans that we’ve made available to teachers and parents, right at our website.  Another fun way for your kids to learn.